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HVZ V-67i Sprint 1970
Fully restored after 40 years of hard use on Tula Velodrome. It is "Spetczakaz" - bicycle ordered for pro cyclist, made with Reynolds tubeset in 1970. True piece of beauty.
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HVZ V-64 Rekord 1966
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CKTB Takhion VTA-001 1990
Size: 540 Tubes: Columbus KL/B Weight frame: 1.4kg Weight bicycle: 7.9kg Equipped with Campagnolo parts, Takhion parts, Rolls saddle. Mechanic: Kolovanov Welder: Kharchenko Bicycle ordered by Central Sovet "Dinamo" from Tula, special for Kotova sportswoman. In 1990 it were lot of Campagnolo parts purchased by CKTB, so this bicycle released from factory was equipped with campagnolo crankset.
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HVZ V-62 1953
Ultra rare USSR HVZ V-62 inch pitch drivetrain track bicycle from 1950s.
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HVZ CCCP track 1978
track spetczakaz made from imported tubeset
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HVZ V-68i Meteor 1963
pre-production prototype
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HVZ V-62 Kharkov 1954
perferctly restored classic track bicycle
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CKTB Takhion 1981
World champion Nadejda Kibardina bicycle
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HVZ V-67 Sprint 1967
High level track/pista bicycle
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HVZ V-600 Record 1974
track pursuit bicycle frameset
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HVZ V-64 Kharkov 1960
later renamed to V-64 Rekord
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CDTA Takhion 1981
track Takhion of world champion Nadejda Kibardina
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HVZ V-53 Kharkov 1950
Track stuff on road V-53 bicycle. There were a lack of track frames in the beginning of 1950s, so many road frames were used on track equipped with track stuff
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HVZ V-68 Meteor 1979
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HZV V-64 Record 1972
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